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Originally Posted by Nokton48 View Post
If Rollei TLR's are the BMW, and the Mamiya TLR the Toyota............

Then the Hasselblad 135mm F5.6 T* Planar-S is the Apollo Moon Buggy

And it is not that expensive. I paid $350 for the Bellows, and $300 for the Planar, and $75 for the exotic Bellows Lens hood. And not that hard to find these around. One of Hasselblad's sharpest lenses.

And it's part of a system that contains literally HUNDREDS of extra parts. Nobody else 6x6 is EVEN CLOSE. And it can be repaired easily and painlessly. Believe it or not it's easily hand holdable, but uses a double cable release.

For my $$$ it's Hasselblad all the way. Also like Mamiya TLRs and 135mm's very much for what they are. Apples and Oranges.

Hasselblad 135mm F5.6 S Planar by Nokton48, on Flickr

Totally different cameras. Rolleis are silent and discreet. Lighter to carry around. Hasselblads are noisy... Yes, they can be handheld but bigger cameras feel better in your hands.

No one will dispute itīs build quality or lens sharpness but itīs an entirely different camera from a Rollei TLR.

I like the SWC biogon... i want it and will shoot w/ it. The rest of the system is nice to look at but itīs a studio camera best served w/ assistants loading film backs .
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