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Originally Posted by Rikard View Post
I shot digital for 5 years. Almost 2 of these years were spent travelling the world and making a lot of images. My only regret today, when it comes to my photography, is that I didn't shoot film on those travels. Never again will I let myself make such a mistake.
I so empathize with this. In 2010 I had just bought my M9, and spent three weeks shooting Japan. Only the M9 and a couple of compact digitals came with me, and after I returned, I regretted not having at least the Contax T3 or the Zeiss Ikon with me.

The Contax would have gone in a pocket and only been noticeable when I wanted it. The Ikon could have shared lenses with the M9 and still been light enough to carry at the same time. And I would have had glorious film images. Sigh.
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