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Originally Posted by Ccoppola82 View Post
Perhaps a more experienced person can comment on this, but I’ve found using the zone system on 135 to be done in a sort of compromising way. In a 36 shot roll I am likely to encounter a variety of contrast ranges in my scenes. I can use the zone system to place my textured shadows accurately in zone 3 (or 4), but I can not control the development/highlight contrast of each individual scene. After reading “the edge of darkness” I have experimented with a two bath formula from Barry Thornton that seems to do a good job of developing to an average in the highlights. In 120 I use 3 Hasselblad backs with a n-1,n,n+1 and develop accordingly.

Am I missing something with 135 that I could be doing to get full tonal range throughout an entire roll that would work better than Barry Thornton 2 bath?
Zone system really works best for large format and sheet film so you can meter and adjust for each image. I think Roger hinted at it and I responded to in a post up in the tread a bit. His #3 response is close to what i would do.
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