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RFF Postcard Project #11
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RFF Postcard Project #11

Hello dear RFF-members,

this will be the thread to the RFF Postcard Project Nr. 11 This seems to
becoming a tradition...

For the newbies (let's hope, there are many of them), let me explain what it is,
how it works: Simple - that's the best. We send selfmade Postcards of one
specific picture to all other participants and receive as many from them. Get to
know, what people photograph, get real prints of great and interesting pictures,
often with stories behind them or a short personal note. (Relax, you can just
have them printed by a service, no own darkroom required... - but some do) It's
exciting to get them and looking forward to the postman every day during the
project. So join, it's great fun!

Here are the details, of how it works, how you can participate:

I organize this by collecting participants addresses and then distribute the
address list to all of you after a deadline. Then you have some time to choose
your image (only one! - Same picture to be sent to all others, so we all have
the same collection afterwards) and make your postcards. Then send them, wait...
  • Organisation: To participate, please sent an e-mail to rff11-at-mempool-dot-net (that's me) containing the following information:
    • Subject: RFF Postcard Project 11
    • Your real Name
    • Your Address, as you would write it on an incredibly
      important postcard to yourself from somewhere far away in the world (including
      line-breaks and country name, as this is an international project), where they
      have no knowledge of what you are used to as postal service... Short: make it
      easy for postmen around the world to find the addressee.
    • RFF User-Name
    I promise, that all your data is only used for the purpose of this project and
    will never given away for anything else! - This also means, I don't have
    addresses kept of previous rounds, so it is not enough to mail me with simply
    stating, you are in again - I need the currently valid address.
  • Timeframe: You can sent me your mails for
    participation until Saturday, April, 20., 2019,
    about four weeks from now on. After that, I close the list and send every
    participant the complete list one day later. Then I give another four weeks to
    shoot/choose the picture, create the postcards and mail them. Meaning, please
    try to send your postcards May, 20., 2019, latest.

You can expect around 30-35 people ususally per round, so you know about the
costs in advance: you need to create about that many postcards, buy stamps and
send them. But in return you receive as many great postcards!

Best regards,

PS: Don't worry, if I don't answer each question to the project or
participation-mail immediatly (could be a day or two). If there is no answer
from me after a few days, try to write in this thread of PM me here in RFF.
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