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Originally Posted by ninjin View Post
To me, it is not about “perfection”, but rather that some postcards last time got so damaged that it distracted from the subject and photo itself.
I can understand the frustration, if the cards are damaged so bad, that they are unrecognizable.

Let's try it this way: In the final address-list, I will add a remark to your address that you prefer an envelope with the print in it. But the project overall stays a postcards project, because this is, what it is and why we make it. Receiving a postcard is a totally different thing (for me, at least), than receiving a letter. E.g. I can talk to the postman about all the pictures, or when I come home, and my family arrived earlier, I find postcards posted to the mirror, where we have out keys. Would that be okay for you? Having your preference in the address-list and otherwise keep things the same for the rest of us?
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