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Originally Posted by Roger Hicks View Post
Dear Chris,

I'm sure you're right, and I don't think it's very different in the UK. But I think there's a difference in age here. When I was your age, I enjoyed the thrill of the chase too, the more so as it was in pre-eb*y times. But as I grew older, I preferred to spend more time taking pictures and less time chasing cameras; which I think reflects your experience too, even though you are 25 years or so younger than I.


Yeah, I've stopped buying gear unless its something I'll use regularly for my work. I used to think it would be cool to have several classic camera systems like the SRT and Pentax Spotmatic stuff to play with, but it became an exercise in frustration finding old gear that ACTUALLY works. I have an SRT here that I bought on ebay for $30. Cheap, but its worthless because despite being in incredible cosmetic condition, it focuses inaccurately. Having that adjusted is expensive. Half the old lenses I bought used had fungus, or sticky aperture blades. I finally got to where I just wanted to get back to shooting photos with gear that "just works" so I went back to my OM SLRs, Leicas, and Hasselblad.
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