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Originally Posted by racoll View Post
This is one of my favorite manual cameras and the one pictured here is identical to the rig I'm using at present. It's a beautiful camera, simple, straightforward, and most efficient, and this lens is one of my favorite 50/1.4 lenses from any manufacturer.

I also have the 50mm Rokkor-X PG 1.4 lens. I remember being amazed at just how good that lens is when I saw my first pictures taken with it. The guy that developed and printed the film actually asked me what kind of camera and lens had I used. He also noted that the exposures were very consistent and dead on the money throughout the roll. Not only did they have great glass, but Minolta's CLC metering was quite good as well. Definitely better than the meter in the Nikon F2A I had in the Navy. If I had realized just how good Minolta was back then, I would have bought a 101 or an XE-7 and Rokkor glass instead of the Nikon.
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