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My first "real" camera - after the Vivitar 110 in secondary school - was an SRT-101B, purchased in Singapore in about 1978. I replaced the body in the late 1980s due to a mechanical problem that the local repair shop couldn't sort out, with an X-370, which I still have.

We (a buddy and myself) wandered into this camera shop in Singapore in 1978, dressed in civilian clothes, intent on buying us some camera gear. We were from the American aircraft carrier that had just anchored off-shore a day prior.

While we were perusing the showcases, in walks a portly, middle-aged gentleman, dressed in smart clothes - a conservative, dark suit if I recall - who eyes us curiously, immediately sizes us up as Yank sailors and, pounding his chest in pride, announces in a loud voice "Me, Russian!" And proceeds to pull out a wad of cash. Of course, this was in the late 1970s, amidst the Cold War. Singapore was one of the few ports where Soviet and American naval ships could anchor together at the same time.

My buddy and myself always figured the gentleman was KGB or GRU or somesuch. So, that's my Minolta SRT story.

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