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Super Ikonta folder focus anomalies
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Super Ikonta folder focus anomalies

I recently bought a Zeiss Super Ikonta 532/16 with a very stiff focus ring. I disassembled the lens helicoid and cleaned it. I then shot another test roll and most images were out of focus so I redid the assembly and the next roll came out sharp at f/2.8.

I'm now noticing the focal plane isn't aligned vertically(?). I've never tried tilt & shift photography but the effect seems reminiscent to that of a tilted lens. In and out of focus areas aren't flat. Excuse my lack of terminology but here's some images:

The left side of the image should be all out of focus. f/8.0

Jacket zippers blurry but shoulders sharp. f/2.8

I'm suspecting the lens isn't completely perpendicular and slightly tilted. Is this a common problem in folders? It is somewhat noticeable.
It might not show very well in the image weather the lens is perpendicular or not but how much tilt does it take to become noticeable?

The lens doesn't give much at all when I try to push it, its all bolted in place, no screws or anything. I definetely don't want to push it too hard.

Is there a solution to this I might not be aware of?

Really enjoying this camera by the way!
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