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The lens looks out of alignment to the body as others have suggested. You could try to gently pull it back into alignment.

However it is likely that there's also a couple of other things going on:

-Those early high-speed (2.8) tessars haven't the flattest field of focus. Even on a dead flat camera with good film flatness (Rolleiflex 2.8A) the focal plane curves towards the camera at the edges.

-The film flatness on those folders is not very good. Film usually bows towards the lens at the center. This was known to the engineers and designed to be the area of best focus. (Since it's also where the RF patch is.)

-Opening the folder *after* winding on worsens the above problem. (Air rushes in from behind and pushes the film and paper outward.) Always open the folder and then wind on, or just leave it folded open while you're shooting.
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