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Originally Posted by Steve M. View Post
Usually, the problem you're experiencing now is that the lens needs to be rotated so that the shutter release is in the best position. I'll bet that it's loose, or loose enough that you can gently but firmly twist it to the right until the shutter tab is on the bottom, then back to the left to get it lined up correctly. The lens is held on by one big thin locknut around the lens assy on the rear of the lens. Once you close the camera and open the back it will be clear as to how it is tightened and loosened. I have a pair of long nose pliers that I filed the ends to a point on for getting these lens screws on and off easily, but often you can push it around w/ a screwdriver held into the two grooves of the shutter ring.
I'm not sure what mean exactly. Everything on the lens mechanism is aligned to the corresponding numbers of the shutter speed, aperture and focus distance. Rotating anything on the lens except for the settings seems like it would mess up any alignments.

So if I was to loosen the ring in the back you're talking about I could rotate the only the shutter part (in the front) so that it doesn't intervene with the prevention lever?

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