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Originally Posted by Richard G View Post
Have a look at Daniel Klein's In Search of Epicurus. It is about growing old and what to take from it. He returns to Greece. He admires the old men there who can enjoy doing nothing, drinking free coffees and looking out to sea.
Sorry for the long, slow, delay in responding.

Thank you for the suggestion of the Daniel Klein book. Our local library has it and I'll try and pick it up later today.

I may already be one of those old men. I often sit in cafes and do nothing other than look out the window. I credit my wife with teaching me the power of sitting still and experiencing the world in that way.

Still, there are things to do. Have continued, albeit in fits and starts, to shoot film. Though no serious project or passion has emerged. And I abandoned my Fuji XPro-1 system for a Fuji X100F. That was a good choice. The X100F is a perfect companion to me. But still, no focus on a project. Just continually doing the search for greatest hits.

It's a new year. Who knows what the day will bring.
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