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Originally Posted by ColSebastianMoran View Post
My approach:
- Move all images into folders by date on a big external drive. Drives are still getting big enough fast enough so that one drive holds everything.
- Manage all photos in Lightroom. Keyword the images vigorously, including a keyword identifying the folder where the original file (usually RAW) can be found. Apply star-ratings to identify good images. Export full-res jpgs for edited images, put these alongside the RAWs.
- Use the Lightroom option: Save metadata to XMP, so I'll have my images, edits, and metadata when Lightroom goes away.
- Delete ruthlessly. The more images you keep, the harder it will be to find the good ones.
- I'll export screen-res jpegs for posting on social media or RFF. I'll post an album from time to time; Lightroom keywords identify which images went into the album. I treat anything on-line as ephemeral.
- Backup that big ext drive monthly. Cycle backups, one in file cabinet, one in safe deposit box. Replace drive and all backups every three years with then-current technology.
My approach: Print the images I deem worthy and place them in archival boxes. That way my relatives don't have to learn LR to find them.
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