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Originally Posted by Ted Striker View Post
I certainly do not enjoy shooting with my iPhone, but the results are so good that I will accept that with the return that I no longer need to have my Fuji X100 with me. I have saved enormous money stepping off the upgrade path with digital cameras. 7 years since I last bought a digital camera! Previous to that I upgraded all the time, at one time owning 15 digital cameras.
How did you justify to yourself (because only you really matters in this question) having 15 () digital (I assume) cameras at one time? The most I have ever own was two and they would both get a workout. I currently have just two cameras (a Fuji X100S w/WCL attached and a X100S w/TCL attached). Even when I was a working newspaper shooter I never owned more than two. When I sold them both (Nikon D2H bodies) had exceeded their shutter lifes but continue to work. Having never bought into the MP race since 4.1MP was more than sufficient for most of my work, the only reason I saw to jump on the next iteration (at the time it was the Nikon D3) was for the increase in ISO sensitivity and less noise. But to each their own I guess.
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