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I vote for Ikon

own both M7 and ZI

on the street, I always prefer the black Ikon...
esp with slide and C41... in fast situation, the metering is not get tricked easily compared to M7 ...

for after sales..


its my 2nd ikon
1st ikon is crushed when I get hit by a drunk driver ...
repair it cost like a new one..
i get my 2nd ikon for < 1000 usd

while the m7 ... its not broken yet..
but my experience from servicing cla and everything of an m6 0.58 that stuck... leica solms charge me 1100 usd..
I assume when one day my M7 broke ..

Leica will charge me cost more than buying another Ikon

but well.. that's just me ...

William Jusuf
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