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I ignore the potential reliability and parts issues in favor of cameras I like to use most for 3 reasons:

1) cameras are so reliable today that they almost never malfunction even with use some like us give them.
2) just about all camera repairs are actually simple and can be performed by just about any camera tech. I know the internet lore is that only a handful of people and the factory can repair cameras. In reality it is just not so.
3) parts are available just about everywhere from the network of camera techs who have a bunch of donor cameras.

example: I destroyed the shutter button on my ZI. My local tech diagnosed the problem, found another tech who had a donor ZI body and shipped the shutter switch from it overnight. Two days later I was back using the camera and it cost less than $100.

Sometimes I wonder if too many suffer from too much internet knowledge and a lack of rational thought.

I see a parallel with those who swear by mechanical shutters and will not use the reliability and accuracy of electronic shutters because they are afraid of a dead battery. That is a concern I solved by spending $5 for a spare battery that I carry in my pocket.
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