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Originally Posted by Bob Michaels View Post
I ignore the potential reliability and parts issues in favor of cameras I like to use most for 3 reasons:

1) cameras are so reliable today that they almost never malfunction even with use some like us give them.
Then when lightning strikes, it's bl00dy annoying. My Ikon simply dropped dead recently. I turned it on and nothing happened, no lights, no metering, no shutter activation. Changed the batteries to fresh ones, nothing. Ended up having to rewind the half-shot roll of film (what a waste) and now I'm looking for the time to take it in for service. I baby this camera and have only run about ten rolls of film through it in the 9 years I've owned it.

A portentously chilling post in the Zeiss forum by someone with the same issue suggests that the camera could be irreparably dead, and this would pi$$ me off in all manner of ways.

If this happened to my M7, Leica would be able to fix it. It is extremely rare to hear of an irrevocably dead M7.
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