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Originally Posted by peterm1 View Post
That is very nice I have to say. Very soft bokeh - I like it. I have one with a rather poorly handled front element (missing quite a bit of coating) that I shoot almost always stopped down. Even then I find its very low contrast though this may be due to the above problem. Did you find it necessary to work the images tone and contrast over in post processing? That's what I fancy I would need to do to get the nice contrast you have. Even so I must try mine out open - I have been put off by its problems but should be more brave.
Hi Peter
That image actually is uploaded via Mobile from a Sony a7 in camera jpeg .
The current copy I own of the canon 50mm f1.2 is I believe quite a lucky catch.
It's made from 2 lenses. One that had a very poor front element and another with a rear group that was foggy between elements. (I gave away the spare rings/helicoid and bits here on rff so others have some bits from these two lenses also).
Now I have this lens that has surprisingly strong even at wide open.
Here are 2 more image(s). This one with the cropped sensor Fuji XE1 in provia film pre-set.

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