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Originally Posted by charjohncarter View Post
I like my f4.0 200mm Super-Takumar, this shot only shows a little of the bokeh.

Plus X D-76 by John Carter, on Flickr

I also like the 50mm Super-Takumar f1.4 and the Pentax F 50mm f1.7. This shot is the f1.7. Both have smooth bokeh.

Puerto Vallarta 2010 by John Carter, on Flickr
I do have a 200mm Tak but its aperture is very very sluggish and I have never thought it worthwhile to have it CLA'd - it would be cheaper to buy a new one. But I recall it being sharp and I liked it (this was back in film days - say 20 years ago). I do not recollect it having nice bokeh but its been a while now since I shot it and I probably shot it stopped down. I may give it a run, adapted on a mirrorless where a slow aperture is less of a problem.
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