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Originally Posted by peterm1 View Post
I am interested in knowing more about the Trioplan(s) - they seem to go for a surprising amount of money online given they seem to be all made with what looks like a fairly soft alloy body. (Those I may be wrong in that). But I was aware that they are well regarded - your lens comes up a lot in conversation when long lenses are discussed.

Is this the one?

Looks good to me - I love the vintage "look".

BTW I have recently been alerted to the joys of Exakta mount lenses - for obvious reasons they are cheaper than m42 versions of the same lens (least that is my impression) but m4/3 and NEX mount adapters are now readily and cheaply available so the Exakta camera mount is no longer really a deficit that it once was (shhhh dont tell anyone ). I have bought a couple recently - a no name 35mm pre set lens that came out of a security camera of all things but never the less it is pretty sharp and renders quite well. A $5 purchase. And a 105mm Schneider Kreusnach Xenar f3.5. They are recent acquisitions so I have not had a chance to give them a solid test run for bokeh yet.

Yes, the build quality is roughly on par with the lower end German rangefinder lenses, or better Soviet M42 lenses. It also reminds me of my Schacht Travenar 85/2.8 for LTM, which reminds me, I need to finish my CLA on that lens.

My 105 Trioplan was picked up in an eBay lot with a large number of other items in terrible pictures. I took a chance and after selling off what turned out to be a very nice condition Yashica D TLR and some other lower end things in the set (no other exotic or even average quality lenses), the whole deal made me money so the Trioplan was free. I have an Canon branded FD>Exakta mount adapter so I use it on my F1 where it works perfectly, or on my DSLR since I don't need infinity focus for most of what I want to do with it.

I will eventually get a Sony A7 or similar to better marry digital and my RF lens kit + SLR lenses, but it just hasn't been in the budget. Really, I just haven't felt like selling off more of my lens collection to buy something that will drop in value every time I go to use it.

As for the Canon 50/1.2 LTM, that's probably my favorite Leica lens so far. I got lucky and mine is in quite good shape, but it's still fairly low contrast at full aperture compared to the f/1.4 or 1.8 versions. The 1.5 Sonnar copy Canon is also lower contrast wide open. I generally have to overdevelop by about a stop if I'm trying to match negative contrast. I have shot some color with it and the saturation is quite soft/low/pastel in rendition. Nice for certain things but definitely not a modern look.
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