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Originally Posted by seagrove View Post
I do like the two lenses that are part of the kit. After spending a decade as a newspaper shooter late in life, I decided on the Fuji X100S with the wide and tele adapters for a carry around 28mm and 50mm. I do sometimes wish I had a little bit more reach but I really fell for the capabilities of the X100S. I have both a silver and black model and the adapters are pretty much permanently mounted on them
28mm and 50mm are definitely a functional match. Two Fujis with adapters sounds like a sweet combo!

Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
Lenses: 28/75 is often a decent pairing, but I tend to want wider (21) more of the time, plus a lens in the middle (35 to 50).

I agree, my full travel kit is a 21mm, a 35mm, and a 90mm. Hard to beat this combo for flexibility, but my shoulder takes a beating carrying this kit around all day...
Happy Shooting!

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