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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Retro dude ... surprised he uses a digicam!
Ha, well at least he goes with manual focus!

Seriously though, his photographic work is interesting and I'm excited to see more. I've always been intrigued by musicians and actors that lead double lives as accomplished photographersóJeff Bridges, Stuart Copeland, Graham Nash, etc etc.

As for the camera, my nickel of opinionsó
Love the brown. Hate the snakeskin, and almost all 'exotic' leathers. Not as a vegetarian (I have a cameraleathers kidskin wrap on my M5, go figure), but I just think they all look so tacky. Leica users, or perhaps more accurately collectors, seem to be fans of body grips made of strange animals in horrible colors. Maybe its the architect in me, but I'll stick with boring black on black.

RE: limited editions in general, I also find them tacky and agree with Deardorff that it reinforces the notion that Leica's are rich collectors items rather than tools to be used and enjoyed. I see that in bicycles with some of the big manufacturers like Specialized putting out commemorative paint jobs on models that are so pricey even the TdF teams don't bother with them.

But hey, I don't have to shoot or ride them, don't know anyone that does, and considering it has no bearing on me, don't care. Guess it keeps the factory line moving.

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