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Ha, its a lot to unpack from such a succinct series. But I mostly agree; puts to rest a lot of the FF vs crop technical arguments.
It's been interesting over the years watching APS-C DSLRs go mainstream and a whole industry of smaller-format lenses develop, only for full-frame to take the crown and trickle downmarket, then small-sensor and mirrorless catch up in performance, and now those going full-frame and bigger. I pity those jumping into a new camera system from scratch with all the choices out there.

If I only shot digital, I'd probably be just as happy with a small format like the Fuji X system, and very nearly dumped everything for it a few years ago. It's miles away better than the old D2x and D3 I used to use. But I do shoot just as much film, and am happy to have moved to FF with Leica, where my lenses behave the same no matter what they're attached to.
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