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Originally Posted by CMur12 View Post
Agreed. I would like to hear from some of the female members of this forum, although with all of the aggression expressed so far, I wouldn't blame them for sitting this one out.

- Murray

We're always more than respectful of the female members here, and none of the so-called 'aggression' in this thread has been directed at women. Rather, people are expressing their distaste for identity and sexuality politics which have worked their way into so many spaces, and now even into our hitherto untainted haven of photographic bliss.

I agree with the forum rule that says politics shouldn't be a part of discussion. Most of the time it creates more conflict and rifts than its worth, and no one is convinced of the other side's perspective.

As for the women here, they talk about gear as well! Maggie Osterberg loves her M9-P, and our lovely Helen is utterly in love with her Leicas.
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