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Originally Posted by Archiver View Post
Internet hug to Pherdinand!

So, I just cooked myself a beautifully simple casserole for dinner tonight, sliced chunks of beef with carrots, beans and cauliflower, seasoned with salt and rosemary, oven roasted for two and a half hours, and served with some brown rice. I'm at the computer cranking out some client work which needs maximum emotional impact (a short sporting highlight reel) and mulling over the rest of the week's projects. This is me, being non-political and a normal guy, hahaha.

For a forum supposedly overrun by gear talk, I quite regularly see male posters talk about their concerns, their questions, and their personal quests in their work.

I like your food Archiver! lol

I'm having a chorizo and vege stew with carrots, potatoes, choko, sweet potato and various spices and crushed tomatoes. I'll be having it with it with long grained white rice and some fresh made wholemeal flat bread. Fresh parsley in that stew from my garden I'll add!

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