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Truth is, I can talk about emotions...........I just don't want to, or need to for that matter, well, not all the time in any event. There is a lot to be said for strength of character, stoicism, keeping a stiff upper lip and getting on with life in the face of adversity. Isn't that what we men have been doing for time immemorial? God, the British built the largest empire the world has ever seen on stiff upper lips and a stoic attitude to adversity. Leg's been eaten by a tiger? Never mind old chum, you've still got another! Now get off that bally bed and go off to discover some more natives to oppress. (I am having a laugh of course - which is another way we men have of dealing with emotions that feminists do not understand, earnest, humorless lot that they are.)

My point being that this does not mean we do not have emotions. It just means we deal with them differently to women. Why this damned assumption that we have to behave like women - what privileges them over men and why the assumption that a "feminine" way of doing things is better, more functional or would even work for men?

I am both bemused and offended by the article author's representation of men's relationships with each other as being somehow repugnant just because feminists (who tend to both despise men and be ignorant in terms of their understanding of them in any event) do not care for it. When a man slaps another man on the back and calls him an "old b*stard" or when we make jokes at each other's expense it is our way of saying "I love you dude" without actually having to say that. We know that, we understand it. And I say this....if a third wave feminist dislikes it, then that is probably a good hint that we should keep right on doing it. After all my experience is that pretty well everything that type thinks is wrong.

But because we use an idiom that in the present political climate is regarded as not politically correct we are expected to believe this is somehow representative of "toxic masculinity" (God how I hate that misused phrase and the people who misuse it with the intention of putting men down.)
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