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Originally Posted by Quash View Post
Well, 800x600x3(rgb) appears to be 1.4 million dots, not pixels. 1.4 mill dots vs. 1.4 pixels is quite different.
I [and the aerial imaging industry that I am in] rarely use the term "dots" in describing resolution. In fact, no serious aerial camera uses the Bayer pattern. [The latest is the Zeiss RMK/D with a monolithic 11,200 x 11,700, 7.2u pixel size panchromatic chip...131Mp; colourized by 4 discrete channels (Ir/R/G/B) of colour overlay.]

In general, I think of dots as in half-tone dots that you see all at once.

In the Epson EVF panel, you only see 800 x 600 [480,000] pixels at any one instant of time. Rapid "flashing" of RGB fools your brain into seeing colour...and of course they say 1.4 million dot/pixel, or 1.67 million colours [256 x 256 x 256...8bit RGB]...sounds more impressive.
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