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Rolleiflex is simple and fun
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Rolleiflex is simple and fun

I slowly get back into the "groove" after a long hiatus from shooting anything.

BTW, The above snapshot on my smartphone is not just for show, it actually serves as a reminder of which film I put in what camera and when. Very Handy!

Took the Rolleiflex to a 4th of July Celebration in the historic downtown square in McKinney, Texas, USA.

I was having a blast in the overcast sky, just shoot at 1/60 and f/2.8. The Zeiss Planar is as sharp as usual.

I developed the roll that night (my first roll developed in 2015... sigh!) and when I saw the negatives as it hanging to dry, I think to myself, Y'know, we can say anything about photography nowadays, but it doesn't get much simpler and more fun than this. And don't even talk to me about my darkroom. I want to print so badly.

If you want, see more shots on my website (Click the image below):

Have a good light,

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