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Dedicated Plustek 8100 (No IR but as only shoot B/W for home process no need)

If I was printing I would send out (Ilford Lab UK) for the web I have no issues. Perversely I am happy with Silverfast as bundled when according to almost everyone else I should use Vuescan. The example is straight from that software no other processing.
I can see on some strips a flatter holder would give me better results but modern choices are limited. Under our consumer laws I have 6 years redress against failure, try that on S/H.
I may have a good, well aligned copy, or indeed it may be average who knows.
I am puzzled that the OP states "the last few rolls" was he happy before? Have expectations changed or has the scanner had a knock?

HP5+ TD-201 Nikon S3 50mm Nikkor Olympic

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