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Originally Posted by Matus View Post
I send all my films to a lab which uses Coolscan 5000 and 9000 for rather reasonably priced scans. I usually get 8bit JPEG scans of everything at medium resolution (2000) and if some frames are exceptional (rare) they get scanned with Imacon X5.

I shoot 35mm only with Xpan, but with 120 my requirements on scan quality are no less, so a flatbed would not cut it.

I used to have a Microtek M1, but it was a PITA to use and the AF was not very reliable.

I would rather shoot a bit less if the scanning costs should become an issue - I have little time for photography nowadays, and I am NOT spending it on scanning. Not to forget that to get proficient with a scanner it takes quite some time.
+1 for the highlighted sentences. I have a Plustek 7200i 35mm and a hp5590 flatbed scanner at home, but I don't use them since years.

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