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Originally Posted by burancap View Post
Thank you so much! Only two of the listed 35's even fit -and they both focus. What about the uncoupled adapter designed especially for wider lenses? Nothing fits? Or are non-metered M's not considered?
The list in this thread is based on RFF user input so there may be sample variations and minor changes during the course of production of a lens that are not taken into account here. To give you an idea of sample variations, I've tried three W-Nikkor 2.8cm f3.5 lenses (all about the same vintage) on my Amedeo adapter, and two of them caught on the adapter at 6 feet while the third one didn't and focused fine from infinity to three feet. They all looked identical, but there must have been a minor size difference in the lens barrel parts to cause this discrepancy.

No personal experience here with the wide angle adapter, but I do know it is uncoupled (so scale focus only) and shifts the lenses off center (downward) a mm or two so the rear of the lens clears the focus cam on the camera. It should work ok with both metered and non-metered cameras.
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