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Originally Posted by burancap View Post
So, how are you folks getting along with the Quattro physically? Specifically, the grip? General handling?
I pretty well adapted to the handling w/in the first 2-3 days if I remember correctly.

W/ the Merrill cameras I needed an rrs grip for two reasons
- the grip and
- the extra weight to help dampen things during shutter release since I normally do not use a tripod
The Quattro is heavy enough, I don't need to look for more weight. The grip does help IMHO in terms of wrist angle and use of the LCD.

I think small to medium size hands should be ok w/ the grip. I suspect that even larger hands maybe ok. The way the front is designed, longer finger should not feel the crimping effect of needing a larger grip, since the fingers can spread over the front of the body. The weight is heavy enough that I don't need to put on an rrs bottom plate for it. Anyway ymmv on both ehe grip and weight.

It fits into my everyday carry bag, turnstyle 10 w/o problems.. It goes in vertical w/ lens axis along the length of the turnstyle 10.

I tend to use a wrist strap and carry the Quattro in two ways
- the normal by the grip approach
- by the body, palm down on the front of the longer section of the body

I still hate the sd card door . Stupid design. After all these months, sometime I still open the battery compartment mention looking the sd card.

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