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Originally Posted by jdvf View Post
Did anyone try to attach a 21 mm Biogon via Amedeo's wide-angle adapter to a Minolta CLE?

According to his web site it it will only work with unmetered cameras. But I recently found an article in a Chinese blog where the author successfully matched lens and camera. Unfortunately I do not understand Chinese and the Google translation is quite poor. But maybe anybody of you has tried this combination (or can help me with the translation of her statements concerning the CLE)?

Of course I contacted Amedeo and Chnchen (the author of the blog post) before raising this question here. Amedeo thinks it would not work because of the light meter. But maybe it cow work due to the fact that it is positioned a the bottom of the camera. No answer from Chchen so far.

That article doesn't actually mention about how he attach a 21 mm Biogon to a Minolta CLE , I'm also leaved question before but even don't receive any answer.

I have tried to use Amedeo's adapter to attach a 21mm Biogon on Minolta CLE, it's works but rangefinder can't coupled and you need to remove the protector on the rear.

I will try to take some photos and will show the outcome lately.

here's 21mm Biogon on Minolta CLE.
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