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Using Amedeo adapter nikon S2 lens to LTM Leica
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Using Amedeo adapter nikon S2 lens to LTM Leica

I bought the Amedeo adapter because I wanted to mount my Nikon S2 lens, 50/1.4, 85mm, 105, and 135 on my 2 LTM Leica iiic, Zorki 1, and Zorki 4. The only lens that mounts and works properly is the Nikon 50/1.4. the 85, 105 and 135 are extremely difficult to mount and when they mounted. the lens will not lock pproperly to the adapter. I found that out when I mounted the 135 and it promptly fell off. When I do succeed in locking it, focusing becomes problematic. To turn the focus ring on the lens, I have to hold the bottom of the lens and use brute force to turn the focus wheel, lenses, that focus easily on my nikon S2. If I don't hold the base of the lens, then the adapter starts to unscrew from the camera. The adapter is made up of two rings, the back ring that screws into the camera and that back ring holds the rotating focus scale that normally matches the focus scale on the lens. Problem is that there is binding between the two rings, back and front rings, that it is nearly impossible to turn the focus ring on the lens barrel, unless you apply force. The ring on the adapter that should turn loosely, does not turn unless force is applied. It is too tight and will not rotate freely.

If anybody asks, I would not recommend that adapter. I will be asking for a refund.
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