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Originally Posted by Corran View Post
Email him, it seems you have a dud, I am absolutely sure Amedeo will send you a replacement or refund (he posts on this forum).

I have 3 Amedeo adapters and they are all fantastic and work perfectly, including with the lenses that you mention.

Mistakes happen. That said, with the adapter off the camera, is it still a problem to move the focus ring? Is it possible it is binding with something on the camera? I have a Leica III and my adapters work on it fine.
Hello, I emailed Amedeo and he is sending me another adapter. I think that this was the one in a hundred dud. Even off the camera, it is very difficult to turn the focus ring on the adapter... anyway, looking forward to using it. Now I`ll be able to use all my Nikkors with my leica iiic`s and Zorki 1 and 4.
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