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Originally Posted by Srono View Post
Hello everyone,

Does it make sense to buy nikon S to LTM instead of S to M? So we can use LTM-M adapter to change frameline in M if necessary? Is there any drawback from doing such (e.g. more prone to focus error)? I understand that S-M adapter will enable 50 frameline.

I use an Amedeo S-mount to LTM adapter (second copy actually, I had sold the first one together with a Millennium Nikkor 50/1.4) and it works with my screwmount Leicas (Leica IIIb, IIIc, IIIf) and my M-Leicas using an LTM to M-mouunt adapter. I have not experienced any focus problems but the only S-mount lenses that I have left and use are the Nikkor-H-C 5cm 1:2 and the W-Nikkor 35/2.5.

The second adapter was from another batch, the shape of the adapter base had changed to a knurled design. That adapter needed some lubrication initially because it was rather rough (I applied a tiny amount of white grease for lenses sold at Yodobashi camera in Tokyo) and now it turns very smooth.
- Gabor

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