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DP2 Merrill observations
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DP2 Merrill observations

So only have 30 images through it, but here are some quick observations:

The sensor is quite amazing for a compact, zooming to 100% looks quite printable, but beyond that at least from the on-screen imaging, you'll see JPG artifacts.

All of the bad things you've read about this camera are true. It is probably the slowest auto focusing camera you can buy, the AF whines. The menus and interface are kludgier than most modern cameras, in A mode, having the big round dial be an Aperture ring, is nice. White balance is like a '90s camera, and will often be off.

The good things, and why this will be my 2016 one camera one lens, along with cell phone and EPL1 with body camera 9mm lens maybe, is that it slows you down, not just the AF, but knowing that the battery with eye-fi mobi is only good for 30-40 shots or so, slows you down like film, you don't want to waste battery, and you want to take "keepers"

The IQ beats any Leica or Fujifilm, at least for landscapes. And that's pretty much the main advantage. I'm shooting in auto-iso JPG mode, toggling between color and mono. The 3:2 is also refreshing.

The lens is not perfect, there is slight barrel distortion, less than most newer Leica and Nikon lenses, but it's there at the edges, which of course could be dialed out. The Eye-fi mobi will only move the JPGs to your phone, not raw, though the pro will do raw, but the pro reportedly uses even more battery.

There is flare when shooting into the sun, and no hood comes with the camera, though I have one coming. You do get two batteries, but for trips, you're going to need more than 2.

Overall, I couldn't recommend this camera to anyone, but myself. Did I mention that this is not a camera for ........ ??
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