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Have you shot JPGs? How did they compare with other cameras?

Why are they a bad idea? Why is SPP 14-bit RAW better?

I don't want tricks of color for my mono files. That is like shooting Kodachrome, and converting to mono, using the additional color channels for unrealistic filtering.

3:2 is about the original ratio of 35mm film. 4/3rds is not, and was what I was using, so going back towards the 3:2 ratio is "refreshing" for me.

Originally Posted by Samouraļ View Post
The IQ out of the Merrill sensor can beat any full-frame camera up to (and including) the original A7R, imo. The files are extremely printable. Jpegs are a bad idea.

It's a specialty camera: so yeah quirky and difficult until you learn it. Treat it like a technical camera and you'll be blown away, at least that's what reviews say (I treat it as I would any other camera, though the technical limitations fit my style of shooting). And nothing else has the Foveon Merrill look. It's already a classic.

Some questions: why shoot auto-iso Jpeg? Why is 3:2 refreshing? If you want to shoot mono, you really should be developing in SPP, as there are some blue-channel tricks that will allow you to shoot around 1600 iso and get pretty clean, filmic files.

I hope this thread turns into your one-camera 2016 thread, as that really interests me.
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