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DP0 Quattro review
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DP0 Quattro review

Just saw this interesting review of the dp0 Quattro. While I don't agree 100% w/ everything, he does come from a history w/ the original dp1 (way back when, pre-Merrill).

The way I see it...bottom line
- way creamy smooth look (don't care about hi-res), get a pre-Merrill
- want best tonal, color, detail get a Merrill
- want improved af, one stop better high ISO, punchier colors get Quattro
- want wider than 28, you
-- use the gw3 adapter from Ricoh GR on dp1 Merrill or
-- get a dp0 Quattro or
-- get an sigma dlsr - sd1 Merrill.
- awb is one of sigma's biggest weakness IMHO, doesn't matter which model
- need fast af or a more general shooter, use a different camera
- foveon sensor cameras are the best monochrome shooters outside of the Leica monochrome or a converted Bayer sensor camera.

I use my sigma camera these days for detail, still life and landscape work, though in a pinch I have used for street (because I didn't have my Ricoh GR). I still have my Merrill cameras...but I do have dp0 and dp2 Quattro..

The sd next gen is over due.. Got me wondering what is happening there.. Are they rethinking the Quattro or need more time to improve the hw design..they are a small company w/ limited resources..

Personally, I wish they would make a m43 or apsc csc foveon sensor. They already have a set of great lenses for m43 and apsc. I would prefer m43 just because of the wide range of lenses that already exist..

Panasonic LX100, Sigma Foveon, Fuji X and Panasonic CM1
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