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Originally Posted by Samouraļ View Post
The Merrill files can't be more hardware intensive than the Quattro's, right? I'd be pleased as punch with a Merrill Redux lineup with the performance improvements of the Quattros.

I had an SD1M and sold it again because the AF was so poor. Felt slower than my DP Merrills, amazingly enough. I don't know how that's possible, DSLR AF being as mature as it is.


Now, if Sigma is doing lens test benching on Sigma sensors, that must mean that they have prototype full-frame Foveon sensors that are functional. What I wouldn't give to try that, even if it's a disembodied module attached to a computer.

Interesting you should say that about the SD1M's AF capabilities ... I haven't found that at all. I tend to use the AF button separate to the shutter when taking photos with any DSLR ... it allows me to understand what the camera's AF system needs to gain focus before worrying too much about composition and exposure.
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