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Originally Posted by BlackXList View Post
They do, and it's the one thing that bothers me about their process.

The art lenses are fantastic, they do need calibration before use, and honestly it's a small price to pay, I do wonder if factory calibrating them to a multi layered sensor for end use on a bayer sensor leads to some of the need for tweaking.

That's purely layman's speculation, and I actually think the dock is great in use, and the lenses are spectacular, it's just a query.
...oh well.. My speculation then..

Could be the difference between manufacturers (Nikon, Canon, etc) in terms of the aa & ir filter thickness ahead of the sensor. did a pretty write up about the effects of different thicknesses. It could also just be the difference in manufacturing tolerances between camera bodies vs the what the testing jig was setup for (the Nikon or Canon spec of sensor to flange distance).

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