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Originally Posted by Eric T View Post
Keith - the camera arrived yesterday. I had a chance to use it today as well as view images in SPP6. So these are initial impressions only.
The camera is solid and heavy. The build quality seems better than the SD1m.

The EVF is very good - much better than the optical viewfinder on the SD1m. The controls are very different from the SD1m but I am confident that I will get used to it.
The shutter is much louder than on the SD1m - even without a mirror!
The images are stunning. I haven't done the SD1m comparison yet but the images have the Foveon look.

There are some quirks. As you know, it shoots RAW, JPG, and DNG. I haven't shot DNG yet. The JPGs look great as do the XF3 files. I can't export a decent TIFF file from the XF3 file in SPP6. I read about this before the purchase and it seems to be so in my hands as well. There may be some trick to this that I don't know yet. So for now, I can't really use the XF3 files - that's a big disappointment. I will try DNG tomorrow.

Image size is also a little weird. The highest resolution is what is called an S-HI image size of 51M that can only be shot as a JPG. The default is a HI image size of 26M. HI can be shot in any of the three file formats. I don't see a large difference so far between HI RAW and S-HI JPG. But since I can't really use RAW because of the export problem, I will probably just use S-HI for now.

Only nine focus points but I don't need a zillion of those anyway. The operation is slow but a little faster than the SD1m. The colors look good. I am eager to compare that with SD1m soon.

Autofocus is not blinding fast but fast enough for me. I am not usually in a big hurry.

I have only shot so far with the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens. I will try other lenses over the coming days.

More soon as I learn more...

Thanks Eric ... I really appreciate this quick report on your initial feelings about the camera.

The EVF being decent is really important to me because that was a let down on the SD1M when trying to focus manually which in poor light is really the only way to guarantee accuracy if doing a close up portrait. All the other stuff sounds acceptable and the usual 'you'll get used to it' philosophy that Sigma seems to delight in confronting it's customers with. I'm happy to venture into the beyond now and just need to check that the agent still has stock ... they were low last time I looked.
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