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Review: Nikon M (1949)
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Review: Nikon M (1949)

I present to you the only published review I can find on the Internet of a working Nikon M rangefinder, including sample images shot with it.

Due to the extreme generosity of not one, but two collectors, Giselle Brewton and NHS President Robert Rotoloni, I had access to two early Nikon M rangefinders. Both of these cameras were originally Nikon Is that were never sold and later converted to Nikon M specifications.

They were two of the first 600 cameras Nippon Kogaku ever made and upon their reunion, were two of the rarest cameras I've ever handled.

Most everyone knows that Nikon rangefinders are special, but there is a common belief that the earlier cameras aren't as nice to use. You won't find many people still shooting a Nikon M, so if you'd like to know what it was like, read my review!

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