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Originally Posted by Steve M. View Post
I have a question for you Mike. The flower shots, and a lot of the people shots with the subjects close to the camera, look very, very nice, but they aren't what I normally see w/ any other camera or lens either. Are you using a fair amount of selective sharpening on these?
Hi Steve! Thank you for the kind remarks.

No selective sharpening; wouldn’t know how to do it if I wanted to. What I do, all that I do, is shoot the images in RAW and then process them in “AUTO” mode with the Sigma Photo-Pro software. The only time I deviate from “AUTO” is if the exposure on the main subject is too dark or too light in which case I correct the exposure to my satisfaction. After that the only correction I make to an image is to straighten it out, I think I have one arm longer than the other, most of my images are crooked by one or two degrees, and sometimes I crop a little. That’s it.

Some people think that the Sigma Sd Quattro H has limitations and see those limitations as disadvantages. I think they’re 50% correct; the Sd Quattro does have limitations but I see them as advantages. The less a camera can do for me the more I have to do for myself. It’s kind of like Jackson Pollock throwing paint at a canvas except that I’m throwing my camera at the subject (of course I’m not really throwing it at the subject). If the autofocus is to slow, shoot in manual; if manual focus is too slow, zone focus and use your feet. Whatever it takes.

Again, it’s like painting - the Sigma Sd Quattro H gives a person some great paint to work with, it’s up to the photographer to use that paint to their advantage. Also the Sigma lenses maybe kind of big and heavy but they work pretty good!

And, as always it helps to have some Lou Reed playing in ones head while out shooting pictures.

Too much information? I hope not.

A few more from yesterday.

All the best,
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