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Originally Posted by KEVIN-XU 愛 forever View Post
It has the focus shift problem at all range. Is it possible to adjust the adapter to get the accurate focus?
Hi Kevin, focus shift is when the focus position of the rangefinder matches the actual point of focus of the lens at f1.5 (for example) but the actual point of focus of the lens shifts backward away from the camera as you stop the lens aperture down to f8 (for example) without changing the focus position of the rangefinder.

I'm guessing you're experiencing front or back focus rather than focus shift. If you are experiencing front focus, you need to grind the cam of the adapter a little to the correct focus position. If you're experiencing back focus, you need to make the cam on the adapter thicker somehow.

Originally Posted by diego1971 View Post
The Helios 103 is an internal mount lens, so no focus ring and no infinity to set
Is the lock tab on the lens getting stuck on the adapter before locking into position?
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