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Originally Posted by raid View Post
I wonder what the main reasons are for RFF members to use film cameras first and then to eventually switch to using digital cameras, while I see others here who had used digital cameras and then they switched back to film cameras. Why?
Great one Raid. For me, I like the look of digital and the fact that I can do everything in my apartment (without a darkroom, sink, or enlarger) to make books, prints, etc. I`m also primarily a color digital works well for me. I used film when there wasn`t an alternative and when digital first came out, it wasn`t good enough. I didn`t photograph for 8 years or so and then tried film and digital together when I got back into it. I think I soon discovered in 2008 that I just preferred digital and now I rarely ever use a roll of film. My brother just gave me an Olympus XA2 though... so maybe I have to play again.
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