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I now travel with one digital and one film camera. Years ago it was two film cameras but digital cameras have improved so much and in so many ways that I can now use the digital for colour and the film camera for monochrome.

I'll be visiting Morocco next month and will take:
  1. Fujifilm E2 with 15-45mm lens (the lens is a recent purchase, very compact & light)
  2. Olympus OM2n with 24mm, 35mm & 50mm lenses. I've recently become something of a 'Zuikoholic' and have to say that the OM2n is perhaps the nicest film SLR I've used. Still not entirely sure about the lenses, however, as there does appear to be some trade-off between size and quality, rather too much vignetting on some of them, for example. So I'm still in the process of building up a lens collection that suits me.
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