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Originally Posted by Timmyjoe View Post
I'm trying to find a way to use my small collection of Nikon rangefinder lenses on a Nikon Z6 or Z7. When I look at the table at the beginning of this thread, two of my lenses are listed as not working with the Amedeo adapter for this reason:
(NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)

But since the Nikon Z series of cameras does not use a rangefinder mechanism like an M body does, can one safely assume that even a lens that is listed as not working in the above mentioned table, when placed in an Amedeo adapter, linked to a Leica M-Nikon Z adapter, would function properly on the Nikon Z body?

Or does anyone know of an available adapter (seen many talked about online, but none available for purchase) that would allow me to mount my Nikon S mount rangefinder lenses directly to a Nikon Z body?


You can try using a Nikon Z to Leica M adapter combined with Amadeo's various Nikon/Contax external/internal bayonet mounts to Leica M adapter to suit your various Nikon S lens mounts.
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