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Thinking about upgrading my M8...Thoughts in 2019?
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Thinking about upgrading my M8...Thoughts in 2019?

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Greetings all,
After another absence, I'm back, finally completing graduate school and with time to shoot for leisure again. Happy to say I shot most of my images for my thesis with my trusty Bessa, sneaking around grocery stores for hip-shots (it was on mid-century supermarket architecture).

You may remember that last summer I spent more money than I ought to have on a few lenses and, most notably, a shutter replacement on my M8. My guess is that a spring from an infinity lock got lodged in it at some point. It's been working fine since, and got a lot of enjoyment out of it.

But with some travel coming up, I worry just a bit about reliability; it's on its third shutter now. I also can't help but feel missing out on a bigger, better sensor—I'm lucky to use a Nikon D850 for work, and am a bit envious of true full-frame and usable ISO above 320.

So lately I've been surfing the regular channels: classifieds here, eBay, KEH, and so on, looking at potential (affordable) upgrade paths. Looks like the M9 and M240 are within striking distance, and not a tremendous, but non-insignificant price, between them. (Oddly enough, the M8s I see go for far more than I paid for mine)

I'm curious what current M9 users think about upgrading, if the 240 is worth the jump in price from it. Also curious what the current state of affairs for M9 sensors is. I understand there's a fee if it was bought more than 5 years ago, which, I would guess, is all of them. There's quite a few on different sales channels that don't specify if the sensors are original or not. Is it the sort of thing where, if you didn't have a problem, you won't in the future?

Or am I just absolutely insane for spending a lot of coin replacing a 13 year old camera with a 10 year old one?
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