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Just to clarify my postings regarding the M9 and iits output. My observations reflect strictly on shooting "RAW" as I never shoot jpegs with any camera unless I need some small file for quick display to show others the shot. It's generally acknowledged that the admired output of M9's, is its Raw files, not jpegs.

Yes the camera when compared to a M240 and M10 is slow and methodical and battery life and capacity is truncated compared to the M240 but so is the M10 battery life when compared to the M240.

Just a side note: the M10 output is exceptionally good (read: excellent) and in some ways approaches more closely the M9's output than the M240. Make no mistake, all these cameras files (RAW) are more than just good and fully capable for most critical standards and applications and of course operationally, the M240/262 series and M10's are leagues ahead of the slower shooting style that's associated with the M9. Then again, most M shooters photograph in such a manor.

Dave (D&A)
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